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Residential Fire Sprinklers Market Growth and Labor Demand Analysis reportcover

By Russ Leavitt, SET, CFPS, Steven Scandaliato, SET and Ryan J. Smith – This 37 page document provides a residential fire sprinkler market analysis that projects the market growth potential and labor demand created by the passing and eventual widespread enforcement of amendment RB64-07/08 to the International Residential Code (IRC).

Home Fire Safety – Consumer Bulletin

By Ryan J. Smith – This incredibly thought provoking report may forever change your views of home fire safety. Through a unique personal approach to home fire safety, the author will guide you through the facts, controversy and current developments in Home Fire Protection. It is written in a conversational tone that makes for easy, yet powerful, reading.

By Ryan J. Smith – In this 60 minute recorded interview (or 16 page written transcript), Steve shares his perspective on the growth of the fire sprinkler industry and the opportunities and challenges of the future. As an ardent supporter of residential fire sprinklers, Steve discusses the history and importance of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) from his unique perspective as a founding board member.

Integration of Residential Sprinklers with Water Supply Systems

By NFPA – This 66 page document presents a detailed information for 20 US communities with a residential sprinkler ordinance and concludes that water supply integration requirements have been put into place, and there are no examples of insurmountable problems or issues. Neither design problems nor significant added costs were found in the communities surveyed.

Housing Supply Impacts of Fire Sprinkler Ordinances

By NFPA – This 30 page document presents an extensive review of annual single-family building permits, the U.S. Census Bureau Surveys of Housing and Households, and analysis of local documents before and after fire sprinkler requirements were imposed.

Home Structure Fires

By NFPA – This 82 page document presents an overview of home structure fires in the United States and breaks down causes and circumstances of home fires reported during the four year period of 2003-2006.

Residential Structure and Building Fires

By United States Fire Administration – This 84 page document presents an overview of residential structure fires and trends for one-and two-family, multifamily, and other residential structures based primarily on 2005 NFIRS data and the 2005 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) survey data.

Home Fire Sprinkler Cost Assessment

By Fire Protection Research Foundation – This 46 page document reports the findings of a study to provide a national perspective on the cost of home fire sprinklers, including a look at the range of insurance premium discounts available to homeowners with fire sprinkler systems in their houses.

Impact of a Residential Sprinkler on the Heat Release Rate of a Christmas Tree Fire

By National Institute of Standards and Technology – This 30 page document reports the impact of a residential fire sprinkler on the heat release rate of a dry tree that is on fire in a compartment.

Fire Performance of Houses: Unprotected Floor Assemblies in Basement Fire

By National Research Council Canada – This 55 page document reports how new construction materials and products impact occupant life safety under fire conditions.

Fire Loss in the United States During 2006

By Michael J. Karter, Jr., NFPA – This 40 page report provides a summary and analysis of fire loss data in the United States in 2006. The data is looked at from a variety of perspectives including civilian loss, fire fighter loss, property damage, structure fires, car fires and brush fires.

Scottsdale AZ Fire Sprinkler Report

By Rural/Metro Fire Department – This 98 page document provides a detailed history of the effects of the automatic fire sprinkler code that has required residential fire sprinklers in all Scottsdale, Arizona homes since 1985.

NIST Lab Experiments Simulate House-to-House Fire Spread

By National Institute of Standards and Technology – This 6 page document reports the facts of a full-scale laboratory experiment simulating house to house fire spread that was conducted in November 2004.

Benefit-Cost Analysis of Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

By David T. Butry, M. Hayden Brown and Sieglinde K. Fuller – The full 67 page report documenting the findings of a benefit-cost analysis performed to measure the expected present value of net benefits resulting from the installation of a multipurpose network fire sprinkler system in a newly-constructed, single-family house. If you prefer a summary of the findings, then Click Here.

U.S. Experience with Sprinklers

By John R. Hall, Jr., NFPA – This 76 page document reports the reliability and effectiveness of fire sprinklers and other automatic fire extinguishing equipment based on 2002-2004 fires reported to U.S. fire departments.

IAFC Fire Sprinkler Position Statement

By International Association of Fire Chiefs – This one page document confirms the IAFC’s official position on the required use of fire sprinklers in residential structures.

USFA Residential Fire Sprinkler Position Paper

By International Association of Fire Chiefs – This one page document confirms the IAFC’s official position on the required use of fire sprinklers in residential structures.