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Residential Fire Sprinklers .com is your source for home fire protection.

Requiring Residential Fire Sprinklers

Residential fire sprinkler systems is a growing topic of debate that affects every person with a roof over his or her head.

Are residential fire sprinklers a “no brainer” in home fire protection or do the costs outweigh the benefits? This growing debate is capturing the passions of homeowners, fire fighters, fire prevention authorities, contractors, engineers, home builders and property managers across the country.

Finding the “right” balance in home fire protection requires that all parties, interest groups, associations and government agencies engage. Your participation is requested.

It’s time to bring the many voices and interested parties in the fire safety debate together to get the truth, the facts and the opinions out in the open so that you may come to your own conclusions on how you will influence the future of home fire protection.

Discussion and Site Content

Residential Fire Sprinklers .com has been designed to encourage discussion on the topic of home fire protection. There are two primary ways to express your opinions and share your experience.


You are encouraged to add a comment to any of the articles or news clippings on this site to express your reactions, questions, agreements or disagreements with the article.

Article Writing

You are encouraged to write an article related to home fire safety that shares you personal experience, opinion or industry knowledge. Specific expertise is not required. Please see our Authors Page for more information.