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Fire Guts North Shore Home in BC, Canada

Fire Guts North Shore Home in BC, Canada

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By Greg Sabatino – BCLocalNews

Firefighters say arson has not been ruled out as the cause of a house fire that erupted Monday morning on the North Shore.

“It’s possible,” said Daniel Funk, a fire inspector with Kamloops Fire and Rescue.

“We’re not ruling it out.”

Shortly after 11 a.m. Monday morning, firefighters were called to the scene at 861 Ollek Street where a blaze had completely engulfed the west side of the North Shore home.

“The home’s completely damaged,” Funk said.

“The upstairs is all smoke and fire damage, the downstairs is all water damage.”

Ken Bayntun, a tenant renting the basement of the home, was the first to witness the fire and said he was inside the home at the time the fire started.

“The people that live there, they asked me to turn the water off at 11 a.m. when they left,” he explained.

“I came out at about quarter to 11.”

Bayntun had been watching TV in the basement suite he rents and went outside to turn off the sprinklers.

“The first thing was I saw the smoke, and heard all these popping sounds,” he said. “I saw the fire all over the west side of the building.

“All the exterior was on fire and all the siding.”

The flames quickly incinerated the steps leading up to the porch and a charred “V” pattern was created up the side of the home.

The damage extended throughout the garage, deck and upstairs portion of the residence.

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